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Traveling Tips When You Fly

Traveling Tips When You Fly

Flying this summer?  Here are some important tips to keep your skin healthy, glowing and beautiful when you are on the go!  When we are 35,000 feet up and in a pressurized cabin with recycled air, skin reacts differently, and requires extra care. Below are some of my favorite products and tips for maintaining your skin in the air. 

Hydration is key!  The air pressure in planes can dehydrate skin, which then disrupts the lipid skin barrier and can lead to irritation and breakouts. Hyaluronic acid is a quick and easy way to feed the skin.  Skin Therapy Wrinkle Filler, iS Clinical Hydra Cool and Le Mieux Hyaluronic Serum are all great choices and easy to pack and fit in any makeup case.  I like to apply right before a flight so my skin has an extra boost of hydration before we even take off.

I also use the Le Mieux Bio Cell Sheet mask when I am on the plane. It is another easy way to get hydration.  My skin completely absorbs every drop of the product. For an extra boost add a pump of Skin Therapy Serum before applying the sheet mask.

Don’t forget about the lips! They lose moisture too, and proper lip care is essential for keeping them hydrated during a change in weather conditions. Megan Murphy lip balm is healing and soothing, and is packed with revitalizing herbs and vitamins that can also be used to treat burns, cuts and rashes;  so it is a great multi-tasker for travel.

Try to limit processed foods. Stick to fresh, whole foods when you can, I pack veggies (that travel well) and raw nuts.

Sleep as much as possible on the plane. I bring my silk sleep mask wherever I go. It is luxurious, soft, and protects the delicate eye area.

If I am on a really long flight, I always bring Circell Fresh Eyes Travel Kit.  It is compact and comes with ABO+ eye serum, two eye sheet masks, a red/blue light wand and a travel case.  These masks are tailored to fit the fragile eye contour area, and are pre-soaked in hyaluronic acid, peptides and collagen that ensure that when you land, you will be left with visibly brighter, less puffy under eyes.

I also always wear compression socks when I fly. While they are not the most attractive looking, they help maintain proper blood flow, and reduce any swelling (so I can fit into my shoes when I get to my destination, and that is the most important thing!)

I love travel size skincare products because of the convenience and ease.  Plus it allows me to pack more in the travel case! My go to is the Skin Therapy Travel Kit: This kit has everything you need for your AM & PM Regimen.  Each product will help your skin maintain a healthy, hydrated glow especially those with dull or lifeless skin that is frequently exposed to harsh conditions or frequent traveling.


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