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Rosacea is abnormal blood vessels in all layers of the skin, which are enhanced in growth by inflammation in the body and skin.  Common triggers are gut inflammation from eating foods wrong for your blood type, lacking hydrochloric acid in the stomach, genetics, low thyroid which increases internal inflammation, heavy metals internally, fungal overgrowth internally and chronic sun overexposure.  

Failure to address the causes and correctly treat rosacea can result in enlarged pores, bumps, pimples, a collection of abnormal blood vessels, and the nose may grow swollen and bumpy from excess tissue which is called Rhinophyma.   

If you get redness, have a tangle of tiny veins or bigger red ones that you see on the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, neck and chest, especially when drinking alcohol, being nervous, embarrassed, sweating, exercising, having hot flushes, eating spicy foods, it may be Rosacea. These flare-ups typically become bothersome any time after or around age thirty but can be noticeable from much earlier ages especially if you have significant food allergies, especially gluten.

There is a long list of dietary no-nos, starting with alcohol.  While liquor is a trigger, it is not a cause of rosacea. Among alcoholic drinks, red wine, beer, bourbon, gin, vodka and champagne appear to be the biggest culprits. Dairy products, especially sour cream, yogurt and cheese, should be avoided. Chocolate, citrus fruits, spicy dishes and soy sauce are also known triggers. Even thermally hot food can provoke a reaction, and just say no to chopped liver!

While there is no cure for rosacea, modern medicine has developed effective treatments once a proper diagnosis has been given. With changes to diet, lifestyle, and appropriate skin care, outbreaks can be reduced and kept to a minimum.

Skincare tips:

Choose sulfate, fragrance and paraben free cleansers

When cleansing massage skin gently using fingers tips and rinse with cool water.

Gently apply serums, moisturizers and oils.  My favorite oil is Megan Murphy Skincare Emu Facial Oil. Safe for all skin types, non comedogenic, will not clog pores and very hydrating! 

Gently pat SPF all the face, neck and chest

Avoid the following ingredients:  

No astringent



Eucalyptus oil

Witch hazel

Salicylic Acid

Lactic Acid

Sodium laurel sulfate



Skin Therapy Skincare offers the most advanced ingredients to help with Rosacea. These are my top picks:

Skin Therapy Cleanser, Skin Therapy Serum, Skin Therapy Wrinkle Filler, Skin Therapy Night Regeneration & Skin Therapy Calm & Repair SPF 30

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