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Acne: Causes & Why

Acne: Causes & Why

Acne is one of the most frustrating skin problems to cope with in everyday life.  It is caused by the acne gene, which you have if you have acne, and it is activated by inflammation, which can be triggered by stress, low thyroid, eating gluten, dairy, sugar and in some cases red meat.  Eat right for your blood type (refer to the book Live Right for your Blood Type and read your chapter) and try to avoid as much as humanly possible carbs and sweets which exacerbate if not contribute to causing. 

What causes that inflammation that results in the body manifesting blemishes? Experts say the primary cause is virtually always gut inflammation and when the gut is inflamed it sends into the bloodstream and tissues inflammatory chemicals, which activate the acne gene. 

Internal and external inflammation, which is present chronically from diet, certain medications, pollution, sun, stress, chemical and electromagnetic exposure every day, further personifies the blemish symptoms.

Gut inflammation can also be caused by low hydrochloric acid in the stomach.  If it is low the food hits the small intestine and starts inflaming the gut from the first part of the small intestine to colon, and that is why you often have gas, bloating, constipation, food feeling like it sits and too slowly digests and IBS and other gut diseases.

When your gut is inflamed internally then the bacteria, viruses and fungus we all eat all the time (this is normal and what hydrochloric acid does in the stomach is to kill these organisms) more easily infect the inflamed gut.

When your gut is inflamed and damaged, you can eat fresh picked, organic, right out of the garden and all the supplements in the world, but your absorption of these healthy things is decreased significantly, which is not good for your cells, which need more – not less – and another reason why you cannot eat enough to adequately give the body what it needs/requires.

If the gut is inflamed in my experience, you see blemishes on all or some of these areas- the neck, forehead, cheeks, around the tip of the nose and upper lip. If you just have a few pimples on the lower chin, this is primarily just hormonal and you probably do not have the acne gene. Back and/or chest acne is inflamed adrenal glands and that can be secondary to longstanding gut inflammation, high or great sensitivity to stress, unresolved emotional issues/traumas. Also, you are allergic to what you crave and that can significantly contribute to gut issues and blemishes.

Another factor could be low thyroid function.  Low thyroid function increases internal inflammation and often is seen in acne patients and unless you treat this your acne will be difficult to eliminate and may not clear, because the internal inflammation seems to activate your acne gene and you experience blemishes. See a health practitioner and get tested for low thyroid.  


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Acne: Causes & Why